alex-c25 asked : The Exorcist or The Shining?

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The Doors arriving at the Heathrow Airport in ‘68

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Chile is ranked second (after the Netherlands) to the second round, after eliminating the current champion Spain

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john joking at the camera while trying to take a nap. 

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Happy 72nd Birthday, James Paul McCartney 

Today our dearest Paul turns 72. To me, he is such a special person…he has changed my life drastically by making it so much better with his music, with his charm, with his great vibes. Paul, I cannot explain with words exactly how much you mean to me. I am so thankful you share your music with us and I am also thankful for everything you do for your fans. You make this world much better by being here with us (: I love you so much and I wish you the best birthday ever. Love, Desi xxx

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Title: Immigrant Song Artist: Led Zeppelin 75,951 plays

Immigrant Song // Led Zeppelin

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Jim Morrison’s  iconic “Young Lion” photoshoot by Joel Brodsky, 1967.

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Robert Plant photographed by David Redfern. 1973.

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The Doors in New York City, 1967. Photograph by Joel Brodsky.

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